Thursday, June 2, 2011

Essie Sugar Daddy and Mink Muffs

Here are two quick swatches of Essie colors Sugar daddy and Mink Muffs. Sugar Daddy is a sheer pink jelly-ish color in the cotton candy realm of pink. It is the perfect French Manicure color and you've seen it on me before with white tips :) Mink Muffs is a lovely taupe that leans a little purple/grey but still lands firmly in the land of a brownish color. Lovely application, two coats for perfect coverage.


  1. I swear, every time you post about an Essie polish it makes me want to buy them all! It seems like such a great brand! I can't wait to pick some more up! :)

  2. Yeah I'm generally in love with Essie polish. Though I wasn't a huge fan of how sheer Sugar Daddy was, it was still a lovely color. It's also a fairly easy formula to work with which is awesome.

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