Thursday, September 29, 2011

Color club and Kleancolor

Hello readers!

I've got a pretty bad headache because my wisdom teeth need to come out so this will be a short and sweet post. I've got a pretty green manicure for you. This is two coats of Color Club Artsy Crafty as a base with two coats of Kleancolor Chunky holo green on top. I love both of these polishes and they go great together!

And here's something I'm super excited about: China Glaze TMI!!! I picked this up from Haul of Fame's blog sale and I can't wait for a sunny day to wear it :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maybelline Cool Couture

Hello hello!

Today I've got a really great polish to show you: Maybelline's Cool Couture. This is one of the recent Limited Edition shades in their Express Finish line. CC is a hard color to capture in natural lighting but I tried my best. The formula on this was great, only two coats that dried nice and shiny were needed to achieve opacity. These pictures are only one day of wear and you can see a good amount of tip wear in that time. I'm not sure if this is due to the color or the fact that I used Orly topcoat instead of Seche *shrugs* Cool Couture has a slate blue color with grey tendencies for a base and a ton of teal shimmer in it! There is also purple shimmer, at least in the bottle, in low light but I had no luck capturing it on camera.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hi again!

Today I'm posting an older manicure from before I became a nub queen. This is OPI Ink which I picked up from Ulta not more than 10 minutes after getting a pedicure in the same color. I love it! It's a very dark purple fleck type glitter that has some purple to blue duochrome tendencies. I'm thinking this was two coats since it was such a dark polish and not hard to get opaque.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Zoya Tao and Color Club Fall 2011!

Hello again!

Here's Zoya Tao, from their Mirrors collection for Fall :) Two coats made it perfect and it wasn't hard to apply at all. This was a color I was wary to try, looked a little blah in the bottle. I like it though, it's a nice darker grey with silver shimmer. What I tihnk is really neat is the pink and teal micro shimmer. The shimmer is similar to Essie's Absolutely Shore but much finer.

Ok so this last picture is because this polish matches my couch! I love it because I was sooo excited to see the pretty grey in a couch! anyways, the next two pictures are the Back to Boho collectio from Color Club for fall. I found them for $7.99 a half at Ross so I got the whole set!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nail Mail and Revlon Carbonite

Hello readers!

Today I've got for you the recent polish I've received via mail in the last two days. First up is the Smoke & Mirrors collection from Zoya. I actually won these in a Twitter giveaway that I don't even remember entering! I was super excited to have gotten almost $100 worth of polish for free!

Next up is my recent Kleancolor find! I found this set of 10 polishes on ebay for only $17.99 with free shipping!! Yay me :)

Here's Revlon's Carbonite. It's supposed to be a close dupe to Chanel's Graphite but I'm not sure how much truth there is to that story. It's a pretty color, metallic gold/silver with larger almost foily particles. This was two coats for opacity, super easy to apply. Sorry about the crappy pictures, we've had pouring rain all day and I haven't had sun to work with. The second picture has flash which is why it's so blown out but I think it shows the particle size pretty well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ulta Envy and recent finds

Hello again!

It's been overcast here in NC for a few days now so I apologize in advance for the poor lighting in my pictures. This is Ulta Envy, a lovely jewel toned green with a hint of aqua shimmer. This manicure is ONE coat. I've read other blogs and they all used two coats. I think the reason I got away with one is because I have nubs so there's no VNL to cover up. Still, super easy to work with and a pretty color that looks good on my sad nubbins.

 And here's a few of the polishes I've picked up over the last week. The two Butter Londons are my first from the brand that I picked up at Ulta's BOGO deal. I was happy to get Wallis but I was hoping to get No more Waity Katie instead of Big Smoke. Oh well! I'm excited about the cute little pumpkin polishes tha tI got at Rite Aid because one has black glitter and the other has holo moons!

The two White caps in the back are Orly Fowl play! I found two at Ulta this morning so I picked them up for people who might be looking for it. One is spoken for but the other is up for grabs :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nub Alert: Essie Ballet Slippers

Hi hi!

So, after three nails broken all the way down to the nail line, I decided it was time to nubbinize the whole lot! This is a color I've been wanting to wear but didn't want to deal with the issue of VNL: Essie Ballet Slippers. This is a sheer polish so I had to do something like 3 or 4 coats to get the color even. I still love the color and it was a nice look with my tiny nub nails.

After two days plain, I did a neat candy manicure with it. This is two coats on NYC Starry Silver Glitter topped with three coats of Orly Beverly Hills Plum. This color is more of a tint than a polish so it let the pretty holo show through while still making the overall effect more jelly-ish.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My First Half Moon Mani


I hope the weather where you are isn't too bad. If you live in the North Eastern US I hope you and your loved ones are safe from all of the flooding that's been going on up there! Today I have my very first attempt at a half moon manicure. First I used Essence Can't Cheat on Me as a base. This was my first full silver manicure since I started collecting polish and I loved it! CCoM is a silver mildly holographic polish with fine silver shimmer to the finish. I loved it by itself for two days before I did a half moon.

When I did my half moon I used Wet n Wild Blue moon over CCoM. I wanted it to look actually moon-like so I used the dark blue shimmer to look like a night sky. On top of that I used one coat of a Hot Topic glitter I have with star glitter along with small multicolored glitter to complete the night sky effect.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Essence Choose Me!

Hello again.

I'm not feeling particularly well today but I've got a pretty swatch for your viewing pleasure. This is Essence's Choose Me! Which is a dupe for quite a few much more expensive polishes and very pretty on its own. Choose me! is a jelly-ish teal base full of gold glitter that looks awesome in sunlight. This did take three coats for full opacity but was definitely worth the end product.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jesse's Girl Mermaid's Lagoon


Today I've got pictures of my Jesse's Girl Manicure. When I first saw swatches of Mermaid's Lagoon I was super excited about the copper shimmer in it. However, once I got it on my nails I could barely see the shimmer even in strong sunlight. I remedied this by adding Orly Fifty Four over the top for a pretty copper shimmer. Two coats of color with one coat of Orly on top and Orly topcoat.

Sorry about the lobster hands! I don't know what happened with the lighting here but the polish color is pretty close.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Studio M On the Hunt


So, after my epic meeting with Nightly Nails' Nikki I wasn't in the mood to find the fading sun rays to get pictures of my current polish. Here's one I swatched at the beginning of the summer! This is Studio M's On the Hunt. This is a pretty sky blue with loads of light gold shimmer and a lovely spring color. I'm fairly sure it was easy to apply so 2 or 3 coats for opacity, dried nicely with no bubbles.

I've acquired more polish again this weekend so there will probably be a small haul post sometime this week!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Hello dear readers!

Today I've got Revlon's Royal Cloak from their Masquerade collection. It's a pretty medium red-leaning purple with large glass flecks that look somewhat like silver flakes. People have been calling this a flakie but really it looks more like a glass fleck with really big flecks. This polish only takes two thin coats for opacity but it does eat topcoat a little bit. I like this color but it isn't a polish that screams to me, and I love purples. *shrugs* My pictures make this look bluer than it is but I got some pretty good shots of the flecks in the color.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Haul!

So, I can finally do my haul post after a ridiculous UPS mix up >:( Here are the pretties I've picked up between Friday and today. Chronologically listed, of course.

Ulta From Left to Right: Zoya Cynthia, Zoya Neeka, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice, WnW Fantasy Makers Purple Potion, Black Magic (Dud? No glitter), Creepy Pumpkin, and Night Glow

Ulta: Revlon Royal Cloak Essence Where is the Party?, Essence Movie Star, Pixel Polish Public Display of Affection.

Rite Aid: Essie Very Structured, Essie Power Clutch, Jesse's Girl Mermaids Lagoon, Maybelline Cool Couture.

Rite Aid/Target: Revlon Blue Mosaic, WnW Teal of Fortune 2 pack, Revlon Facets of Fuchsia.

Victoria Nail Supply: China Glaze Trendsetter, Brownstone, It's Alive, Ick-a-body, Zombie Zest, and Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em.

Lots of pretty colors!

I have to say, Victoria Nail Supply has amazing customer service and helped me find my wayward package today, I would definitely work with them again <3