Thursday, September 8, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Hello dear readers!

Today I've got Revlon's Royal Cloak from their Masquerade collection. It's a pretty medium red-leaning purple with large glass flecks that look somewhat like silver flakes. People have been calling this a flakie but really it looks more like a glass fleck with really big flecks. This polish only takes two thin coats for opacity but it does eat topcoat a little bit. I like this color but it isn't a polish that screams to me, and I love purples. *shrugs* My pictures make this look bluer than it is but I got some pretty good shots of the flecks in the color.


  1. This is like those glass flecks/flakies in this summer's scented jellies. I like this!

  2. I MUST find this!!! I am addicted to purple polish and this is definitely no exception! It looks great on you

  3. I have been seeing this polish around blogs a lot lately! I love it! It is on my wish list!


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