Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ulta Envy and recent finds

Hello again!

It's been overcast here in NC for a few days now so I apologize in advance for the poor lighting in my pictures. This is Ulta Envy, a lovely jewel toned green with a hint of aqua shimmer. This manicure is ONE coat. I've read other blogs and they all used two coats. I think the reason I got away with one is because I have nubs so there's no VNL to cover up. Still, super easy to work with and a pretty color that looks good on my sad nubbins.

 And here's a few of the polishes I've picked up over the last week. The two Butter Londons are my first from the brand that I picked up at Ulta's BOGO deal. I was happy to get Wallis but I was hoping to get No more Waity Katie instead of Big Smoke. Oh well! I'm excited about the cute little pumpkin polishes tha tI got at Rite Aid because one has black glitter and the other has holo moons!

The two White caps in the back are Orly Fowl play! I found two at Ulta this morning so I picked them up for people who might be looking for it. One is spoken for but the other is up for grabs :)


  1. I kind of want to go back and look at the Ulta brand again! I'm loving my polishes and this color is divine. Thank you for my Fowl Play!! <3
    I think this is perfect on your nubs! I'll probably give this one a try this week, since I've pretty much got everything cleared out until October starts.
    The pumpkins look awesome!

  2. The pumpkins look so cute! I may have to stop at Rite Aid after work tomorrow to look for them! I personally didn't participate in the butter London BOGO sale, but my boyfriend picked up Wallis and Lady Muck for me :) Can't wait to try them! Nice haul!

  3. We appear to be lacquer soulmates...I just picked up that essence polish last week, and today I got the same two Butter London polishes and Orly Fowl Play...I even almost picked up the essence holo.

  4. Thanks ladies! Nikki, we need to figure out when we can meet up and you can get your flakie baby.

    Lynn, I was psyched out when I first saw the pumpkins because I thought they were the Wet n Wild On the Prowl collection but they're pretty awesome anyways.

    Lacquered Lady: Wow! We must have some sort of psychic connection, awesome!

  5. Great haul. Those pumpkin bottles are cute!


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