Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nail Mail and Revlon Carbonite

Hello readers!

Today I've got for you the recent polish I've received via mail in the last two days. First up is the Smoke & Mirrors collection from Zoya. I actually won these in a Twitter giveaway that I don't even remember entering! I was super excited to have gotten almost $100 worth of polish for free!

Next up is my recent Kleancolor find! I found this set of 10 polishes on ebay for only $17.99 with free shipping!! Yay me :)

Here's Revlon's Carbonite. It's supposed to be a close dupe to Chanel's Graphite but I'm not sure how much truth there is to that story. It's a pretty color, metallic gold/silver with larger almost foily particles. This was two coats for opacity, super easy to apply. Sorry about the crappy pictures, we've had pouring rain all day and I haven't had sun to work with. The second picture has flash which is why it's so blown out but I think it shows the particle size pretty well.


  1. I am so sick of the rain, by the time there's a patch of sunshine I'm not in a position to run and snap a photo. I still haven't tried out my Carbonite yet, but it looks so pretty in the bottle! This looks great in indoor light.
    GREAT find on the Kleancolors and congratulations on the Zoya win!

  2. Every time I got to the drugstore I am tempted by Carbonite, but always pass it up.

  3. That must have been awesome winning something you didn't remember entering! AND you got some AWESOME stuff! I am super jealous!


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