Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pink Wednesay, Franken Style.

I've been on a frankening spree lately and last night I made a franken with a purpose! This is a pink Franken for Pink Wednesday! I used a really fugly neon pink mini from a Hello Kitty set I picked up a while back, added some reds, a little orange glitter and holo hexs to make this pretty color. I'm calling it Dreamy Jeannie because it makes me think of something Jeannie would have worn in I Dream of Jeannie. It's a bit sheer so this is three coats but I continue to have good luck with how shiny these have been drying.

Anyone know a good place to get jars for frankening?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Franken... Tuesday?


Today I've got my first (even before Rockin' Robin) Franken. This was what happened when I tried to make a Glitter in the Air dupe and failed miserably. The only thing I remember about this formula is that there was Rimmel Grey Matter, a couple of Hello Kitty Glitter Mini's, a Hot Topic clearance Glitter, and some Wet n Wild Glitters.

The polish itself actually turned out really nice. It's a light grey with a jelly finish that dries super shiny! I almost didn't need topcoat on top of this but thought it would be a good idea anyways (Frankens aren't exactly fast drying creatures). The Glitter is neat because you can see the various layers I have through the sheer of the grey. This is three coats with Seche Recondition as Base and Orly quick drying topcoat on top.

I'm still not sure what to call this franken. Originally I was going to call it "Rock you like a hurricane" with it being all grey and stormy but I didn't want all of my frankens to have "rock" in the title. I dunno, what do you think?

Here's a franken I did two nights ago that I already have a name for "Sorcerer's Apprentice" This is a really neat deep red-purple with lots of holo hex glitters in it. The pictures lean more blue than the actual polish does but I'm sure it will show up better when I actually swatch this.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zoya Zara

Hello Again!

Today I have Zoya Zara for you. I picked this up during the buy one get two deal there was a couple of weeks ago. I love purples and I thought it would be a pretty combination with the pale gold shimmer. This did take three coats to get properly opaque but it's a lovely color that I think works well with my skin tone.

And I thought it was funny that the clearance polish I picked up at Hot Topic the other day also has a subtle gold shimmer. I'll have to do a comparison!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chanel Peridot

So this is the first polish I've seen that I HAD to have. Since I'll hopefully be seeing a nice bonus check next week, I though it would be ok to splurge on this ridiculously expensive bottle of Chanel polish. This is the notorious multichrome that has a bad habit of showing gold in pictures more than it's true beauty.

I've seen many bloggers say  how nice the formula is and I have to say that was not my experience. This was a streaky and somewhat thick formula that I had trouble working with. Although fast drying is a good thing, when you don't have enough time to even out the color, it's a pain in the butt!  Nevertheless, it's a great color and I took a loooot of pictures to show you that. The first two are what I consider the extremes of color this polish can go to, a nice teal and a muted gold. Then there are some manicure pictures in various lighting.

It's a gorgeous color combination and it looks even better in low light (I kept saying "ooh pretty" in the shower this morning) I'm glad I have it but I don't know if I'll buy more Chanel in the future if this is one of their good formulas!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Orly: Fowl Play

So, I searched all of Ulta for the ORly fall collection and was sad I couldn't find it at all. I picked up Essence Just Rock It! and OPI Ink courtesy of my MIL and right as we were checking out I saw the collection behind the counter! I then also acquired Fowl play in all it's glittery flakie goodness!

I layered two coats of Fowl Play over Just Rock It because I wasn't sure how opaque it would be by itself. This is an amazing color. Dark purple that leans a little red with blue glitter and red/iridescent flakies that changed color in the right light.

Then I matted it out with Essie Matte About You for a neat look. I think I need a new bottle, mine is a little thick now and seems to alter the color rather than just matte-ing the manicure.

Annnnd who wants to guess what this lovely color is?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sally Hansen: Model Behavior

Hello Readers.

Today I have a pretty blue combination for your viewing pleasure. This is a color I picked up when I was at Rite Aid and saw a buy one get one 50% off deal on most of their polishes. I picked up Borghese Stellare Notte (which Scrangie just swatched so I'll hold off posting about it) and Sally Hansen Model Behavior. I liked Model Behavior because it fits in with the last hurrah of bright colors before the fall darks set in. I'm also trying to build up my blue collection for my next blog header (Think wintery mix...)

Model Behavior is a nice light blue cream polish. It went on great in two coats with no bubbling which was impressive considering how fast I was putting it on. This isn't really a sky blue, more of a cyan/darker cornflower color. I've gotten a lot of compliments on this manicure so I'm pretty sure this color will stick around unlike some of the crazed hues of this summer (I'm looking at you China Glaze). Over top the two coats I added one quick layer of Wet n Wild in Blue Wants to be a Millionaire. This is a great combination that makes me smile when I look at my hands.

Anyone want to guess when I picked up at Ulta yesterday courtesy of my MIL?  I can't wait to wear it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zoya Yara

So here's the promised Zoya! During the buy one get two free promo I picked up Yara, Zara, and Shawn (can you tell I like greens?). Today I have Yara for you. This color was suuuper hard to capture correctly without sunlight so I apologize in advance. This is two coats of the lovely olive green Yara. Yara has gold and green flecks of glitter in it that make it gorgeous. I got some nice compliments, mostly from guys, about the color. I think it's a great new hue for fall :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DS wannabe

When I first put these two polishes together, I just wanted a pretty pink combination that would pop as a last hurrah before I started doing fall colors. They ended up looking pretty similar to an OPI DS polish (in my opinion) The combination is two coats od Oke Doke Hot Tomato as the base and two coats of WnW Hannah Pinktana overtop.

While this isn't a linear holo like the DS polishes, the smoking pink is a very OPI color. Here's a sneak peak of what I got in my mailbox on Saturday :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello again!

Today I have a look I created to mimic a bamboo forest. Since I work at a Martial Arts Dojo, we of course have a bamboo plant a the front desk. One of our instructors is also nicknamed "Bamboo Viper" which has inspired me even more towards the bamboo related look.

I started with two coats of WnW Fast Dry in Teal or No Teal to look like the murky heart of a forest. I wore the teal base plain for two days because I was short on time. I like the way it looks o my newly rounded nails and how it was a kind color for my poor left pinky nubbin. Yesterday morning, I took one of the full nail designs from MASH plate m71 and used Jesse's Girl Fools Gold to stamp the design on my nails. I thought the result looks a little like a sunlit bamboo grove.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Sorry for being AWOL another week. I ended up working almost 20 hours of overtime last week so I didn't get much chance to blog. On the bright side, I did manage to get some pictures of what I was wearing. The first swatches are of Sally Hansen Distressed Denim over Revlon Just Tinted in Victorian. When that got boring, I topped it all off with my Inglot flakies!

Then, it was graduation at the Dojo I work at so I painted my nails in the colors of the belts that people were graduating to. I used WnW The Wonder Yellow, WnW Saved by the Blue, Essie Scarlet Ohara, WnW Jade, and Jessie Girl Riff-Raff. Thennn I topped them all off with WnW Hallucinate. I wore them as plain colors to graduation then instead of doing a whole new manicure, I just added white crackle to the top after two days.