Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello again!

Today I have a look I created to mimic a bamboo forest. Since I work at a Martial Arts Dojo, we of course have a bamboo plant a the front desk. One of our instructors is also nicknamed "Bamboo Viper" which has inspired me even more towards the bamboo related look.

I started with two coats of WnW Fast Dry in Teal or No Teal to look like the murky heart of a forest. I wore the teal base plain for two days because I was short on time. I like the way it looks o my newly rounded nails and how it was a kind color for my poor left pinky nubbin. Yesterday morning, I took one of the full nail designs from MASH plate m71 and used Jesse's Girl Fools Gold to stamp the design on my nails. I thought the result looks a little like a sunlit bamboo grove.


  1. I love how the gold looks a little green in the pics.

  2. Oh! I really like that! I'm going to have to copy that very soon.

  3. This is seriously awesome! I love the color combo! I will have to give this a try :)


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