Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chanel Peridot

So this is the first polish I've seen that I HAD to have. Since I'll hopefully be seeing a nice bonus check next week, I though it would be ok to splurge on this ridiculously expensive bottle of Chanel polish. This is the notorious multichrome that has a bad habit of showing gold in pictures more than it's true beauty.

I've seen many bloggers say  how nice the formula is and I have to say that was not my experience. This was a streaky and somewhat thick formula that I had trouble working with. Although fast drying is a good thing, when you don't have enough time to even out the color, it's a pain in the butt!  Nevertheless, it's a great color and I took a loooot of pictures to show you that. The first two are what I consider the extremes of color this polish can go to, a nice teal and a muted gold. Then there are some manicure pictures in various lighting.

It's a gorgeous color combination and it looks even better in low light (I kept saying "ooh pretty" in the shower this morning) I'm glad I have it but I don't know if I'll buy more Chanel in the future if this is one of their good formulas!


  1. Grrrrr why I didn't get it...maybe there's still time....BTW it looks great with your skin tone, lucky !!!! Looks like Spring time :)


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