Saturday, September 10, 2011

Studio M On the Hunt


So, after my epic meeting with Nightly Nails' Nikki I wasn't in the mood to find the fading sun rays to get pictures of my current polish. Here's one I swatched at the beginning of the summer! This is Studio M's On the Hunt. This is a pretty sky blue with loads of light gold shimmer and a lovely spring color. I'm fairly sure it was easy to apply so 2 or 3 coats for opacity, dried nicely with no bubbles.

I've acquired more polish again this weekend so there will probably be a small haul post sometime this week!


  1. I had so much fun! Can't wait to do it again. Maybe we'll have better results next time, and have time to go to some of the drugstores and whatnot! :)
    This one is super pretty, where did you find Studio M?

  2. I didn't find it, I won it in a Spring Giveaway along with a Finger Paints and a WnW from the petals collection. I wish we could find them!

  3. Very pretty shade!


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