Friday, September 23, 2011

Zoya Tao and Color Club Fall 2011!

Hello again!

Here's Zoya Tao, from their Mirrors collection for Fall :) Two coats made it perfect and it wasn't hard to apply at all. This was a color I was wary to try, looked a little blah in the bottle. I like it though, it's a nice darker grey with silver shimmer. What I tihnk is really neat is the pink and teal micro shimmer. The shimmer is similar to Essie's Absolutely Shore but much finer.

Ok so this last picture is because this polish matches my couch! I love it because I was sooo excited to see the pretty grey in a couch! anyways, the next two pictures are the Back to Boho collectio from Color Club for fall. I found them for $7.99 a half at Ross so I got the whole set!


  1. Oh, that is pretty!
    NICE. I never find anything good at the Ross here in Raleigh.

  2. Well I passed up on Tao because, as you said, it looked blah in the bottle. Now, I am kicing myself!

  3. I never see these at my Ross!


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