Saturday, June 4, 2011

Russian Roulette and Starting Over

So, last night I cut my nails all the way down to the smile/visible nail line. I then buffed the life out of them, added some great cuticle cream then did a coat each of Seche Recondition and Nailtique 2. My nails are officially super short nubbins... I am starting over with my nails. They were stained, weaker in some spots and getting some funky ridging at the base where the new nail was coming in so I'm starting over. I'll post naked nail progress pictures here every three days and probably try top keep up with press releases and nail trends until my nails get pretty.

No polish until their healthy again. I want my nails to be nice healthy pink for my wedding so I'm taking nail and hair vitamins and hoping they will grow out in time. Otherwise I'll get get an acrylic French for my wedding day.

Have no fear, I will  continue my nail blogging with my own nails once they grow back out (And the updated growth pictures of course) I'm just going a slightly unconventional route for a little while. If you stick around as a follower, thanks a million! If not, I completely understand. I'lm posting pictures of one of my last two mani's before the great regrowth begins. This Is Essie Russia n Roulette alone then with Sally Hansen's pink crackle on top. Enjoy.


  1. Good luck with your nails! Soaking my nails with 3-minute denture tablets worked amazingly well for me. Don't laugh! I read it on MUA.

  2. Take MSM tablets... they are known to make nail grow... they help mine.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions ladies :) I'll be posting my sad little nubs later today.


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