Friday, May 13, 2011

Izzie in Pink!

I'm confused... I could have swore I had a  blog post up about Izzie the pug getting her nails done in pink but it's gone?? I can't be hallucinating it because the title of the post was saved into my title bar... What on earth. Here's Izzie in China Glaze Pink Voltage.

If this post disappears again I'm going to freak out!


  1. OMG, I SO want your dog, with or without pink piggies. Pugs are my FAVORITE! *squish*

  2. Lol This isn't my dog. My dog's name is also Izzy though. This is Izzie the pug who belongs to a friend of mine from Canada!

  3. UGH! I'm so upset! I just checked my blog and two of my posts are also missing. And one of them was really long!


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