Monday, July 9, 2012

Adventures in Duochromes: Sherer Chameleon

Hello Ninjas!

Today will be my first day back at work since last Saturday! Holy cow, it's been a while. Now that I'm back in town, you can expect more regular posting from me again. I picked up four polishes on my trip to NYC, two of which were holo's from the Face Shop in Koreatown. I'm sort of excited about those because I didn't even know they existed!

Today's manicure is from about a week before my trip. This started off at two coats of OPI Here today Aragon tomorrow which is a blackened green jelly polish. By itself, it just wasn't standing out to me so I added a more recent find of mine from Rite Aid, Chameleon Nucleus. Nucleus is an amazing duo/multichromatic polish that seems to have a rusty red base color with very strong blue-green shift. There are moments when there is a little purple and a little crimson in the shift which make me think of it as a multichrome. This is two very thin coats over the OPI base color.

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  1. Not seen this one so much, usually its the blue/green duochrome that they do, like this one alot


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