Saturday, July 28, 2012

Zoya Gloss Collection

Hi Ninjas!

Stormy weather out here in NC, hopefully we'll get through the worst of it without any serious downed lines. Next week is weapons week at the dojo and simultaneously graduation week so I'll be super busy until Wednesday night. Ah well, it's all fun anyways!

This is the Gloss NYFW Collection from Zoya to supplement their Fall line. The set consists of three glossy jelly polishes that were inspired by Peter Som's request for a glaze which lead to the creation of Katherine and subsequently Paloma and Frida!

For each of these, I did an increasing number of coats on each finger starting with the index and ending with the pinky. First off, Katherine "A sheer, dark, red-toned aubergine with a buildable jelly gloss finish."

 Next up, Paloma! Now, Paloma is a name that means dove so I was a little surprised when this wasn't a great. Here's what Zoya says about Paloma, "A sheer deep fuchsia-berry with a buildable jelly gloss finish."

And finally, Frida. Now, the name Frida always evokes imagery of Frida Kahlo for me. She's a really interesting Mexican painter that did iconic portraits. They're not the prettiest portraits and I generally amuse myself picking on the massive unibrow the women sport.


 I've got a fairly ugly little necklace holder that I call Frida because it's not the prettiest thing. When I saw that Frida was a gorgeous teal jelly, I couldn't help but be amused! Zoya calls Frida, "A sheer, dark, warm-toned teal blue with a buildable jelly gloss finish."

Gloss Collection provided for honest review by the Zoya PR team.


  1. I'm really new to nail polish, but I haven't seen any like these that are so sheer and meant for layering and stuff

  2. I love Katherine and Paloma. The layering creates a pretty ombre.


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