Monday, July 23, 2012

Milani Bridesmaid: OPI Designer De Better Dupe

Hello Ninjas!

It's stripe week here at the dojo which means people are packing themselves in to classes so they can test for their stripes and next belts. Mr. Ninja and I got our second stripes on our belts today so we only need one more stripe until Blue Belt! A lot of the techniques for this test were ground based and ended in arm bars. As a result, my forearm is a little store from being pulled in the wrong direction :( It's alright though, I'm learning to be safer!

This manicure is of Milani Bridesmaid from their Limited Edition Pure Love collection. This is a great dupe for OPI's Designer De Better from the Muppets collection. Since I had only gotten my hands on a mini of DDB, I was super excited when I saw Bridesmaid at Walgreens. The base is the same very pale gold with a generous splash of cooper/rose gold particles. This was a little sheer when applied thinly so I ended up using three coats but it wasn't hard to work with and was a very pretty color even on stormy days!

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