Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wet n Wild Jewels for your Highness

Hi Ninjas!

I'm having a blast here in NYC. Since I've got my nights off to relax, I actually meant to post yesterday but I ended up crashing right to sleep. Ah well! I went to an awesome restaurant called Ninja New York tonight with servers dressed like ninja and flaming food; totally awesome place for dinner. Tomorrow is the 4th and I'm sure I'll get to see a ton of fireworks, we're hoping to see Cirque du Soleil too.

Here's a quick look at Wet n Wild's Jewels for your Highness from their Coloricon Be Jeweled collection. I passed the China Glaze versions of these polishes up because I didn't think they were really my style. I picked this and one other color from the collection up a while back and just confirmed my dis-inclination towards these pretty duochromes with too many rainbow hexes. I think this is three coats, this was a very sheer polish to work with. 

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