Friday, June 29, 2012

Orange Skittles

Hello darling Ninjas!

Two days until I get to leave for NYC! I'm all packed and ready to go but I have one more day to work. I'm sure the day will seem like it lasts foreeeeever. I'm a little nervous about leaving my dogs for a week but they're in good hands with my friend Anna. It's nice that they can stay in the house instead of a kennel. Onward to adventure!

This manicure was initially intended to be an ombre but one of the colors ended up in the wrong position. They looked a lot different under a lamp than they looked in sunlight! Ah well, this was a fun manicure to wear! In no particular order, the oranges are HITS Ceres, Zoya Paz, Zoya Myrta, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Essence Wake Up!, and Finger Paints Courder-orange. These were VERY hard to photograph together! It was nearly impossible to get Paz to show neon andhave Ceres show holographic. Ah well, this was fun!

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