Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SotD: Tapadero

Hello Ninjas!!

Finally back to the Scent of the Day routine, Yay! I had my first class as a blue-white belt today and it was awesome. I had a lot of fun learning a new way to move and how to do some wrist locking techniques. It’s definitely a big change from the yellow and white belt moves which were in the earth element; I have to learn how to make my movements fluid at a 45 degree angle instead of a strong up and down movement. I kept doing super “earthy” versions of the blue moves and not getting the right results. That’s why you have to go to class though, to learn :)

Today’s scent is Tapadero from Darling Clandestine. I have a spreadsheet of all the scents I own that lists their maker, name, and scent notes. Since I was wearing a new pair of jeans I bought that had leather and stud embellishment, I knew I wanted a scent with leather notes. Tapadero fit that bill and it was a really new-to-me version of a perfume! I’m so used to foodie or floral scents that I wasn’t sure what to think at first but I loved this!

Tapadero: begins bold and bright with sage and roses, and ends with dusky sweet smoke and leather. Unisex, clean and cuddly.

On Me: Starts off like a new leather coat that’s been rolled in a sage bush. This was the perfect smell for my outfit that day and it mellowed out wonderfully. As it dried down, Tapadero sweetened on me and I got a lovely undercurrent of roses that was twined with a little bit of smoke on cold air. Looooove it!

The Scene:

At this point they were finding ways to meet. It wasn’t easy because an apprentice worked all day to learn their trade with little time to themselves at night. Not to mention that a squire was meant to be at his knight’s every beck and call which was a round the clock job. Nevertheless, they managed to steal time to be with one another at least twice a week. However, the coming day was a huge festival day for the village. Every minor apprentice, squire, child, or student was given the day off to enjoy their young lives to the fullest. The days before were overloaded with preparation work but the sweet bliss of free time was well worth the labors.

She had spent the last three days making barrels full of rose water for the upcoming festivities; she didn’t think she’d ever get the smell of those evil thorned flowers out of her hair! With the new sage scones some lordling or another had requested, she wasn’t exactly sure how she must smell to the general population. “Probably a lot like an inept baker’s apprentice…” she muttered to herself as she slid the last tray of scone free of the oven. Their scent steamed into the air and she did her very best no to trip over anything as she put them on the cooling rack. That was it, she was ready to get home, bathe, and prepare for the one day she was allowed to spend as she pleased.

He was on a mission, he needed to find the best leatherworker in town for procure his gift. He wanted something that would catch all of her wonderful glossy hair away from her face and the heat of the ovens. Her kerchief could only do so much and he knew she hated those lopsided apprentice baker caps. He had something better in mind, something befitting her beauty. After finally finding the shop he had been looking for, he asked to see the best lengths of leather braids to be had. After much decision, he chose two lengths of the softest colored leathers offered, paid the late-working apprentice and ran home.

She slept until after the sun rose! What a wonderful feeling to get enough sleep to feel rested in the morning. Laid out the night before, she’d picked out her favorite outfit; she liked to think the moss green color went well with her eyes and the cream accents were perfect, if a little worn. Hurrying to get dressed, she tripped over a small stool with last night’s clothes on it. As she caught her apron, she sighed and knew all her scrubbing was for nothing, she would see him still smelling like sage and roses. Picking up two of last night’s scones and a flask of the rose water, she tucked their breakfast in her pockets and hurried out the door.

They met in the berry fields, far away from the day’s festivities. Sure, the town would be abuzz with hundreds of conversations, games, feasts, and concerts, but they were finally able to spend time alone. Finally, they’d gotten past the point of blushing when they saw each other and they grasped hands with shining smiles this morning.

“I brought breakfast” She said as she took the flask and scones of out her pocket, carefully unwrapping them. 

The sage scent wafted to his nose and brought a smile. “Sage! Ah, that reminds me of my childhood. My mother had a lovely herb garden and she made sage biscuits. This is perfect.” He took a scone and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Well, I could live happily never seeing sage again! Ugh, and rosewater, I reek of those flowers. Thought you might like some though.” She offered him the flask as he finished the scone. As he took it in his hands, she laughed and brushed the crumbs from his face. “You really do like sage, don’t you?”

Smiling, he took a draught of the rosewater. The cool, sweet water soothed his thirst as he offered the flask back to her. The sweet tang of rose and sage mixed was new to him but a welcome scent when paired with her pretty face. “I brought you a present, it’s not much but I thought it would look prettier than those hats you hate.” He offered her a small paper bundle and watched with mild apprehension as she delicately undid the folds.

Taking the lovely gift from the paper, she examined the braids in the sunlight with awe. Made of the softest leather she had ever felt, the headband was made of two colored braids, one the color of lilacs that graced their first meeting, the other the mossy green she was wearing. Pressing the fine leatherwork to her lips to feel of supple workmanship, she gasped at the feather-soft smoothness of each braid. “These are amazing! I can’t imagine how much this must have cost you.”

“May I?” He took the braids from her hands and tied them delicately in her hair, pulling it back from her face and letting her bright eyes shine up at him. “There, that’s lovely.” He kissed her forehead and took her hand. Together, they found the cool shade of a large willow tree to sit in as they talked about their thoughts, dreams, and wishes on their day away from the world.

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