Monday, June 25, 2012

Confetti Manicure!

Hello lovely Ninjas!

Today is my 23rd Birthday and I spent it working. It's ok though, work is cool and the people are great and very nice. Lots of birthday wishes to go around. Since I didn't do anything particularly festive for the day of, I decided to show you lovely readers what I did a while back.

This is a simple layering manicure that I did a while back. The base is two surprisingly easy coats of Sally Hansen Crinoline and one coat of Light with Caution from the Wet n Wild Sparks & Stripes collection. Crinoline is a very pale pinkish cream polish that applied incredibly well for such a light pastel. The glitter of LwC applied evenly which was a plus, I only needed to do thin coats to get good glitter distribution instead of globbing the polish on to get the hexes to stick.

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