Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blue White!

Hello lovely Ninjas!

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday so my next post might be a little bit late. Hopefully you won't mind, it's sort of a big one for him, he'll be 25! He keeps harping on how old he'll be because it's a quarter of a century but I think he just wants an excuse to feel old. Also, my larger dog accidentally took a little bite of finger with a treat I was giving her so I've got to be careful with polish remover on my right hand. Hopefully this won't mess with my polishing!

Here are the nails I did for my Yellow-Black to Blue-White graduation! These are two coats of Revlon Royal over my existing silver polish decorated with a white striping polish. I should have done this in better lighting to prevent my bubbles but my right hand turned out ok. That's why these are non-dominant hand pictures! For your viewing pleasure:

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