Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jolly Green Gradient!

Hello lovely Ninjas!

Sorry about the slightly delayed posting. I had intended to post yesterday but got thrown out of whack my parts of my schedule moving around. A good friend of mine graduated from High School today! I've successfully gotten her interested in nail polish even though she's a pretty devout tomboy type XD Converting the people of the world to polish, one person at a time! I'm like a lacquer superhero.

Today's manicure is a two part process! I wore Zoya *Wednesday for two days by itself then added Zoya Shawn to make my very first sponge gradient. *Wednesday only took two lovely coats for opacity and was great at self leveling. I'll never get over how wonderful the formula is on Zoya polishes is, it makes other brands very irritating at times though! Zoya describes *Wednesday as, " Faded dirty medium turquoise with green undertone and an opaque cream finish." Which is pretty accurate! I wasn't expecting Wednesday to lean so green on me but it wasn't unpleasant so it all worked out. I need a more teal version of this though, I love teals. Sorry about my cuticles and the cut on my right index finger, that's where my bigger dog mistook my finger for a french fry!

On to the pictures:

*Wednesday provided by the Zoya PR team for honest review.


  1. Pretty, I love that mossy green! Is this really your first sponge gradient? You should have seen my failed attempt :D

  2. ooooouuuuu I don't have Wednesday but I think I'll try it with Bevin instead!

  3. This is my first try! You can see I did better on my second hand (Right hand) than on my first. Yay learning experience!

    This would look great with Bevin too, I happened to already have Wednesday on but I do love Bevin.

  4. Lovely! I have to try another gradient soon!

  5. Absolutely STUNNING gradient! Truly looks deep sea - what a pro!

  6. This looks amazing! My favorite color(s) too. :)
    Must try a gradient one of these days.


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