Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recent Scent Hauls

Hello Darling Ninjas!

I seem to have lost my muse as far as the scent stories go. I'm not entirely sure why I was writing them in the first place but they were really fun. I still wear scents every day but I'm not always inspired to do the stories anymore. Of course, if the inspiration strikes, I'm sure I'll do more scent stories, until then, here's a picture of my two most recent large hauls of smell-good items!

The first picture is of the huge haul I received when Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics de-stashed. There's indie and non-indie perfume oils alike in this group. I think there was something like 48 samples altogether?

This second picture is of perfumes I picked out of a traveling perfume box.  This box basically started the same way my first haul did: someone de-stashed a bunch of scents and sent it traveling around the US to other scent lovers who took and added scents as they had time. I'm excited for these, they're the newest additions to my collections. I also got a bunch of scents from Darling Clandestine the week before the traveling box arrived. I hope to get a picture of my DC things soon!

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