Thursday, May 31, 2012

SotD: Circassian

Hello Ninjas!

I graduated last night with my nails in their Blue-White glory. I expect that will be my next post so keep an eye out for a little nail art!  My husband and I both graduated last night, it’s really fun to be going up through the ranks together. Since I’m not much of a runner, this is one of the activities we can enjoy together. He’s really good at Ninjutsu which is a little unfair since I had to talk him in to it! I was hoping I’d better than it than him but shhhh, don’t tell.

Today’s scent is from Darling Clandestine. Circassian is one of the many samples I got from Caitlin’s great makeup de-stash of 2012 and I love it!

Circassian: Circassian is a warm chocolaty fragrance with intriguing notes of black coffee and amber and blossoms.

On Me: It starts of as pure chocolate. Now, with my messed up nose, cheap milk chocolate smells the same as dog food but this is high quality dark chocolate I smell. If you put this on a piece of paper and waved it under my nose, I’d probably ask to eat it! As is mellows out, the chocolate smell lingers but is accompanied by a touch of coffee and a good bit of amber. I really like this! I am not usually one for smells that are pure food but I can see myself wearing this in the winter and fall when it’s cold outside.

The Scene:
They had been on a few of their late-night dates since the amazing carnival experience. She was always daydreaming about him in class with a smile on her face. This time, she wanted to surprise him with a special day and the long weekend gave her the perfect opportunity to do it! She hummed as she packed the picnic basket with lunch foods and a special dessert she spent hours learning how to make. This was going to be a great day, she just knew it.

He was sort of nervous as not knowing what was going to happen today. All he knew was that she had asked him to meet her at the town park by the little waterfall. He smiled to himself as he thought of her and made a cup of mocha to bring her, knowing it was her favorite. Grabbing two travel mugs and looking at the time, he got ready to head out to the park.

Once she was all packed up, she loaded the basket onto the back of her bike and sat her little dog, Echo, in the front basket by her handlebars. Even though this was technically a date, she couldn’t stay with anyone who didn’t love dogs so she decided to make this a little test run for the longevity of their relationship. She ruffled the Papillon’s hair and set out for the park, still humming.

The arrived around the same time, both at least 5 minutes early. Still somewhat shy, they flushed when their eyes met then both laughed. He came over to her bike to say hello when he noticed the little dog on her handlebars. “Well hello little guy! What’s your name?” He asked while holding his hand out to the dog and avoiding eye contact. He didn’t want to cause the dog to growl so he was doing what he hoped was the right thing by letting the dog smell him on his own time. 

She smiled as he tried to make friends with Echo. At least he had an idea of how to approach a dog which gave him bonus points. “This is Echo, he’s my Papillon and my best friend. Say ‘Hello’ Echo.” When the dog licked his hand and nuzzled his palm, her heart all but melted and she smiled. “I’m glad he likes you, Echo is a great judge of character.” She started taking the basket off of her bike before he came over to take the basket for her.

“Where are we going with this? There’s a neat little clearing at the base of the waterfall where Echo can chase butterflies.” He waited for her to nod and get Echo out of the basket so they could walk over to the clearing. “I’ve always wanted a dog but my mom is deathly allergic, she gets hives and is miserable. I live vicariously through friends with dogs, they’re great.” He set down the basket and she started to put out a blanket for them to sit on.

“Echo was a gift when I was having trouble adjusting to middle school. He’s my longest friend and the best at keeping secrets.” She finished spreading the blanket and started to take things out of the basket. Echo went right over to him and pawed at his leg, asking to play. They ran a few short circuits of the clearing and came back to quite the picnic spread. There were sandwiches, chips, potato salad, water bottles, and what appeared to be a chocolate soufflé. 

“Soufflé! Oh wow, did you make that?” She blushed furiously as she nodded and poured a small bowl of water for Echo. “It took me a while to get it right but I remember you said you liked chocolate.” She looked up to see him smiling like a fool and looking for something in the basket. “We have to eat dessert first, that is too good to just look at while we eat sandwhiches! …Oh!” He went to the small bag he’d brought and took out the iced mochas. He handed her one and sat down next to her as she made them each a plate of chocolaty goodness. “Thanks, I guess since there’s no one to say no, we can eat in whatever order we want. I’m glad you like soufflé, and thanks for remembering I love mocha.” She took a sip of her drink and handed him a plate.

He leaned over to kiss her cheek which caused her to blush furiously. “You’re amazing.”

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