Sunday, May 27, 2012

SotD: Satyr

Hi Ninjas!

Sorry this post is sort of late, I had a busy weekend with the In-laws in town! I got some amazing gifts from my Mother in Law which included the new Naked 2 palette and THREE Layla Holographics. I can’t wait to swatch those for you :) I also went and saw Wicked today which was awesome! I did all green makeup and nail polish for Wicked because Elphaba is my favorite character, naturally. On to the scent!

Today’s scent is Satyr from Haus of Gloi. Unlike OHWTO, I am not privy to the perfumer’s thoughts when these smells were made. Despite not knowing the maker personally, I adore this perfume! This was a sample vial I got from the wonderful Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics when she was de-stashing all of her sample smells. This was only one of an amazing haul of scents! Enough to keep me stocked with writing material for months!

Satyr: Absolutely fiendish creature! And quite frolicsome: Italian blood orange drizzled with blackened vanilla.

On me: Satyr starts off super fruity. This is a definite blood orange scent, not lemony but also not plain orange. Plain orange smells like rubber to me, so I was pleasantly surprised at the great way this smelled. The smell mellows with a much sweeter vanilla note that has a cloying citrus tang at the end. I love it!

The Scene: 

Since their first joining in the orchard by the rose beds, they had not had many chances to spend with one another. She suspected someone had tipped her mistress off to their dalliance when she was no longer allowed to cut the roses for the vases. That did not mean that they never saw each other; there were still heated glances and stolen kisses when they were alone. It was never enough to satisfy either of them after their mind-altering first encounter. She was thinking fondly of that first night when she was summoned to her mistress’ bathing chamber.

He couldn’t get her out of his mind. They’d barely seen each other since that night but every time they touched, their flame was only fanned brighter. There was no way their dreams would be fulfilled, it was absolutely not allowed for a lady-in-waiting to marry, much less have a relationship with, a field hand. Mulling over what gods he would have to bargain with to be allowed just another night in her arms, he went to the hot springs to scrub the dirt from his hands.

Her lady wanted a scented bath and she was to pick not only fragrant flowers but peel blood oranges to refresh the skin. Skeptical of this latest fad of bathing with fruit, she went to the kitchen for fruits and carried the basket with her as she made her way to the springs. With any luck, the servant boy would be there to carry buckets of water for the lady’s bath; else she’d have to carry the many hot buckets herself. 

He was nearly done with the raw soap he’d gotten from the master farmer’s wife, he was satisfied that most of the grit has been washed from his skin. After drying his hands, he stooped to pick some of the strange flowers that grew near the springs. He knew they were an orchid of sorts but he did not think they were native to this land. Regardless, they were in high demand by both perfumers and bakers for their creamy sweet scent. Perplexed, he picked up the orange that had rolled into his boot and looked for the source.

She was annoyed; she’d kicked over the small stool the servant boy was meant to be sitting on. He wasn’t there and she’d have to carry the water herself, not to mention balance the oranges she had brought along. The kick dislodged one of the oranges near the top of the pile and rolled down the sloped path to the spring. Chasing after it, she found him, looking confused and holding an orange, on the path. They finally found a moment alone…

Incredible luck! He thanked the stars that she was the source of the mysterious fruit then set both the orange and flowers on the warm rocks along the spring. Their oils started mingling with the heat and each other, lending a seductive fragrance to the night. He went to her, taking the fruit from her hands before embracing her with a heated kiss. 

She pushed him back until he was sitting on the rocks near the spring, giving her a better angle. In her fervor, she accidentally pushed him in to the spring! Falling in right after him, they came up sputtering for air and laughing happily. The scene was so absurd and a great contrast to the previous moment, they locked hands and she laid her head on his chest to listen to his heart.
“We’ll never get a chance to be alone. Someone has told the mistress not to let me bring the flowers anymore.” She looked forlornly up to him.

He leaned down with a soft kiss and brushed a lock of hair back from her cheek with his thumb “We’ll find a way. If she requests as many fruit baths as the other ladies, you’ll have more chances to come down here with fruit, and me.” The last was whispered in her ear before he nibbled her neck, causing her to squirm.

“I imagine she’ll want to have at least as many baths as the other ladies, if not more so she can look the youngest. She is incredibly vain and…” Her words were cut off by his lips as they embraced with a purpose once more. The only thing to be heard was the sound of crickets’ singing and the soft swish of water around their bodies.


  1. Satyr is one of my favorite HoG fragrances. It's a bit darker than the standard vanilla-orange scents found in most stores, but at the same time it's very comforting.

    The Naked 2 Palette rocks. You have a very cool Mother-in-Law!


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