Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HITS no Olimpio Hera

Good evening Ninjas!

This week is my last week before testing for my Blue White belt! I'm super excited to be changing elements in Ninjutsu. Blue is our water element and a whole new set of moves to learn :) In honor of that, I've chosen to post one of my deep sea colors I recently wore. My husband picked Turquoise when I asked for a color and Hera was my choice since it was an untried holo from my recent Ninja Polish haul.

Hera is a wonderful turquoise jelly with a linear holographic finish. The color was build-able and was perfect in three coats. I love how this polish dries very shiny! It would probably be fine without topcoat but I wanted to color to last for a while. The color was actually a little bluer and brighter than my pictures were able to capture and the sun didn't want to come out and play when I was taking pictures. The pictures with the best linear effect are taken under a heat lamp for my snakes lol.

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