Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SotD: Pasticceria and Lilac

Hello Ninjas!

I hope this day finds you well. It's nice and sunny her in central NC and the slight breeze makes it just the right temperature in the shade. I've got another Scent of the Day post for you today though this one is without pictures.

Both scents I used were once again from One Hand Washes the Other and were sample vials that I ordered.

Pasticceria: An Italian pastry shop, the pasticceria has all the best dessert smells in the world. Marzipan, hazelnut, almonds, vanilla, cakes, assorted pastries, frosting, and of course, pure sugar. It's not edible, please don't try. 

*Lilac: This is a wonderfully lilac-y fragrance, not artificial and not TOO strong, just like the real thing. My bottle leaked a bit during shipping and when my package arrived, my whole front entry smelled of fresh-cut lilacs.

On me: The first scent I applied was Pasticceria. At first all I could smell was bright red maraschino cherries. Now, for me this isn't a bad thing, I adore those cherries! However, I don't know how most people would feel if I was to sit at work smelling like an icecream sundae. After a while, the smell mellows out on the skin and fades to a wonderful baked sweets smell. For me it smelled like sweet almonds and newly baked cookies. I added a touch of Lilac at my wrists to make the scene in my head complete. Lilac is a sweet floral smell that my nose can't apparently differentiate from Lavender but that's ok, it still smells good to me. 

The Scene:

She had been working all day in the bakery. As an apprentice, she spent most of her time doing nothing but kneading the dough for sweet breads. This was not what she had imagined when she pursued her dream of becoming a baker. In her mind, she was mixing the most exquisite ingredients from across the globe and producing aromatic masterpieces to grace the display windows in the front of the shop. Her teacher told her that would come in time... For now she was kneading with intermittent breaks to wash the dishes. 

He was a squire for one of the more lax knights of the town. In fact, it wasn't even a bad job with the easygoing knight who was disinclined to hand out punishment. The best way to make sure the punishments would be miniscule was to keep him well plied with sweets from his favorite bakery. On his way to pick up the usual order of a half dozen almond rolls and three cherry tarts, the squire was in a bright enough mood to pick a bunch of lilacs from a nearby tree, humming to himself as he walked. 

Just as she brought the most recently baked croissants to put int he front glass case, she heard the bells tinkle to indicate a new customer had arrived. With a well practiced but insincere smile, she looked up to greet the newest rotund face looking to add more sweets to their waistline. Shocked at seeing the young man standing there with flowers, she stammered over her greeting and dropped the pan of hot croissants on the floor with a *CRASH*. The irate baker rushed to her side, smacked her hard across the face, and sent her to the back for at least an hour of straight dish duty.

He was left speechless and slightly dazed by the scene that had unfurled. Shaking himself, he answered to baker's cross questions and gave the name of the knight he was picking up the order for. With a huff, the baker went to the back to retrieve the white paper bag containing the sweets and handed them over to the young squire in return for the usual amount of coins. As he left the store to the bells' melody, the squire darted around the side of the store just in time to see the apprentice emptying out the dirty dish water. Their eyes met and she flushed again, nearly dropping the bucket. He rushed to her side `to help her steady as she stood up, only to have her flush an even deeper red.  Seeing the welt on the side of her face, he stole a quick kiss to her cheek and left the lilacs behind her ear before he darted off to quell his knight's appetite for sweets. 


  1. Did you write this yourself?? This was a lovely story!! :D

  2. Yes, I wrote it myself :) Thank you! I've always loved fiction but never did write very much prose. These are fun ways to practice writing.

    1. That's wonderful!!! They are fun to read and really make one appreciate the scents they are describing! :D

  3. Lovely scene written with a clever, deft touch


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