Monday, May 14, 2012

Ulta Into Astrono-me? and Indi-go girl

Hello Ninjas! I tested for my next belt today at work and passed! In two weeks at graduation I'll be moving up to a Blue-White belt! I'm excited because water is a whole new element which means a whole new set of moves. I've heard from a number of higher ranked students that water is a hard element to learn if you're not sort of a flowy personality already. I've been told I'll do really well in fire though! Ah well, this will be an adventure :)

 Tonight I've got two Ulta polishes I picked up when they were buy one, get one a while back. I've been lemming Into Astrono-me for a long time, I just love the murky cream polishes with vivid shimmer like Purplex and this one. This was a super easy to manage color, if I'd have been a little more heavy handed, I probably could have gotten away with one coat. Since I'm prone to thinner coats, it took two for perfection on this color. I added an accent nail of Indi-go girl which is the color my husband picked out for the manicure.


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