Friday, May 25, 2012

AEngland Avalon and Essie Shine of the Times

Hello Ninjas!

My Inlaws will be in town this afternoon! I'm so excited to see my MIL, she's awesome :) Want to hear a funny story from yesterday? Well, it's not really a story but it was an amusing event that happened when I went dogsitting. I let Mr. Becket out of his ex-pen upstairs and opened the door on to the back deck so he could go frolic.  Since he has a huge yard to play in, I was looking off the deck, seeing where he would run to first (I usually throw toys off the deck for him to fetch) Well, instead of going to play like he usually does, he lifted his leg and PEED ON ME. I've heard people tell stories of getting peed on but had a hard time picturing it.  So yeah, got peed on, had to hose myself off and carry on with my day. I can check that off my bucket list!

Today I've got an incredible combination of colors for you. This is two coats of AEnglands gorgeous Avalon which is a deep red-based purple with reddish shimmer. On top of that is one coat of the multichrome flakie Shine of the Times from Essie. Not many words are needed, just look!


  1. Oh man that's pretty. You should get the essence flakie if you can find it. It's way better.

  2. This is pretty!

    And LOL @ getting peed on! Poor you :D My own dog has lifted his leg against my leg once when we had just moved and he was being cranky and rebelious, I was in total shock at his nerve. It's way funnier when it happens to someone else isn't it? :(


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