Monday, November 19, 2012

Snakey Nails!

Hello Ninjas!

Fair warning, this post contains pictures of a live snake; if you don't like snakes or have a phobia, turn back now!

OK so I went to a Reptile Convention this past weekend and picked up a new baby, an albino ball python. I named her Oswynn (from Doctor Who) and did a little photoshoot with her! My nails are done with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Brattlesnake. These were very east to apply and stuck to the nail without any trouble. You'll notice a litter bit of an edge pulling up on some nails which was caused by the topcoat I used shrinking down slightly. I thought these were perfect for Repticon!

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  1. I had to learn that snakes were OK after growing up with the more typical fear of them. When I got my job in college running a large city park for the rec center, I knew I had to be ready for that 1st snake to come or if the kids found out I had a fear of them, I would end up with snakes in my desk drawers in the ball room and dropped around my shoulders and down my back! So the first garder snake that came to 'visit' I asked to hold right away. I was Ok and still am today with snakes now. Before that I only knew how to shoot them on my uncle's ranch that had tons and tons of rattlers - had to watch out - even had 'em get in the house at times if the door got left over and always had to look in the pool skimmer because they would get in there too! nice new baby you have!


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