Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gift Haul :)

Hello darling readers.

Sorry I missed Saturday's post, Hubby and I went camping and froze! Man was it cold, below freezing and our tent was covered in frost when we woke up. Anyways, to make it up to you I'll post a haul polst today then another swatch tomorrow instead of my usual every other day posting.

The first set of polishes are those I was given by my MIL (or picked up for someone other than myself) while I visited her in NY for Thanksgiving. The Lemon Fizz and second Ruby Pumps mini are gifts for other people while the rest were gifts to me. The two Cult Nails colors are gifts from my husband from her Black Friday sale.

Top L-R: ChG Ruby Pumps, Essie School of Hard Rocks, Orly Twilight, Orly Emberstone, Orly Androgynie, Essie Bobbing for Baubles, ChG Ruby Pumps.
Bottom L-R: Cult Nails Iconic, ChG Glittering Garland, ChG City siren, ChG Lemon Fizz, Cult Nails Time Traveler.

This second set is a prize package I won from The Polished Panda's Holiday Giveaway. She's such a love and a fellow North Carolinean to boot :)

The polishes are Finger Paints Comet's Collar, Santa Kisses, and Frosty Night. I love the peppermint hand sanitizer and lotion, my favorite Christmas scent (even though I can't smell very well) is peppermint so they make me happy. My purse now jingles wherever I go! I haven't tried out these chrome pens by Sally Hansen before so I'll have to let you know how they work out. The black and white floral pattern is actually a super cute clutch that is my new wallet :)

There you have my lovely gifts! However, I broke down after three weeks of looking for Shine of the Times in stores and just broke my no buy last week. I ended up with 7 polishes that I'm sure I'll post later. I'm sorry I failed! Alas, I still don't have my lovely Essie flakies :(


  1. Great haul! The Orly polishes look lovely, especially Androgynie! Can't wait to see it :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you liked everything :) Those chrome pens work AMAZING for stamping by the way!! & I seriously need those two Essies! I just ordered Shine of the Times off ebay so it should be here soon :D


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