Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year Haul!

Hello darling ninjas!

Today I've got my first haul of the year for your viewing pleasure. This was the first batch of polish I've bought since the official end of my no-buy. I blasted into the new year in style with 10 new polishes! The Zoya polishes and the Sally Hansen polishes all came from Ulta on clearance and the Essie polishes I picked up off a new display at Target. I'm super excited about these! I love the bright Zoya colors, my only regret is not being able to find the last Mod Matte on clearance. Alas, it was a great haul overall!

L to R: Gemma, Mitzi, Pippa, Paz, and Dita

L to R: SH Delphinium , SH Crinoline, Essie Go Overboard, Armed and Ready, and As Gold as it Gets
And at the end of my no-buy, my husband has suggested new rules for my polish spending. He said that I should limit my polish purchases to $125/month. For reference, that is exactly how much I make one week at my second job dog-sitting. This price includes shipping charges too so it will be interesting to see how this effects my collection! I'm already down to $16.26 left for the month. Between Ulta, Target, Zoya, and Pre-Ordering from AEngland I've gone through a big chunk of my polish budget. I'm using GoogleDocs to keep track of my spending on a spreadsheet which is a little eye-opening but good for my wallet. Now I have to decide between Zoya or Finger Paints for the rest of my budget. I was thinking of doing the FingerPaints (the whole three I can afford lol) since they're LE and in store exclusive. I can probably pick up the Zoya Tru collection next month without too much issue.

What do you think of having a polish budget?


  1. A Polish budget is definitely in order for me too. :-(

    It's really eye opening when you sit down to calculate all you spend on it. lol... It's like everything you buy is "a good deal", but when you add all the "Good deals" together, it's like... a huge sum of money!

    Ahhh... it's really bad.. but I also enjoyed getting some Zoya beauties on sale from my Ulta.

    Congrats on your buy, and hang it there... The month is almost over. lol...
    Did you decided on the finger paints or Zoya flecks? I'm subbing to this post, so you can reply.

    Oh and I'm a new follower btw. :-)

  2. I actually ended up deciding on neither. I'm leaving the balance of my budget with polish un-bought. I decided to help a friend out instead of spend my play money on polish because the money was better used elsewhere :)

    Welcome to my blog! Glad to have you!


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