Monday, January 16, 2012

Zoya Anja

Hello Ninjas!

I'm not feeling particularly well, I think I'm getting a sinus infection that one of my co-workers has :( I also sprained my ankle on Friday (the 13th!) so it's been a blah Monday for me. Today I've got Zoya Anja from theor Fall 2011 Smoke collection. This is a super dark raisin color in most lightings. I didn't think it looked black even in low light though, it managed to lean just red enough to look like a deep purple in any light. For whatever reason, my flash skewed the color way more blue than it really is but I wanted to show the rich, non blackened color it can have in bright light. This is two super easy coats of Anja. I did a magnetic accent nail with the Nails Inc my MIL got me.


  1. Lovely!! My camera tends to make purples more blue as well.

    1. Oh goodness, I forgot to say that I hope you feel much better!!!!

  2. Oh that's pretty. My camera tends to make purples more blue too. It's really annoying, especially when it changed my purple hair to blue. lol

  3. I need a lightbox, I think I might get one out of my next month's polish allowance. OR a better camera with the Best Buy Giftcard I got for Xmas. Thanks! I hope it's just got to do with the temperamental weather.


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