Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Ombre Manicure

Hi Ninjas!

Today I've got pictures of the pretty ombre manicure I did for St. Patrick's day. I used five Zoya polishes and made this pretty all green manicure which happened to bemy very first ombre! The colors I used were:

L-R: Bevin, Gemma, Yara, Shawn, Envy
I hadn't worn Gemma or Envy before and I discovered I absolutely ADORE both colors. The shimmer in Gemma is amazing, when my friend came over on Friday night, she chose Gemma as her St. Patrick's manicure and I was sort of jealous she got to wear it as a full manicure before me! Envy is really awesome, I think it's akin to the famous Nars Zulu but I don't know for sure. I'm positive someone has done a comparison though. This is a great polish for when you want a super dark look but don't want to wear black. What's neat about Envy is that it has a sort of hidden shimmer that is super subtle and comes out in direct light. The only down side to Envy is that is stains! If you have this color and don't know, double up on basecoat when you wear it.

I did three coats of each because Gemma and Shawn needed it and I didn't want any of the other colors to feel left out. This was a super pretty manicure and got many compliments at work.


  1. Pretty! I like gamma and yara the best though. XD

  2. Great idea for a St. Paddy's Day mani! Beautiful greens, they look great together!


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