Thursday, August 9, 2012

Concert Manicure

Hi Ninjas!

Tonight I'm about ready to bite all of my nails off. My nail polish decided to have a bad day and be angry that I was using my nails as tools. In retaliation, it began chipping on at least three nails when I was barely an hour into my work shift. Ugh, I was mortified at the big chips in my BLACK manicure. What an obvious (to me!) failure.

Today's manicure is what I wore to the really awesome concert I went to last night. The concert was Carnival of Madness with Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, New Medicine, and Cavo. The lead singer of New Medicine was sick so we only got to hear four of the five bands perform. That's ok though because I was only really excited about Evanescence and Halestorm. For my concert manicure I did two coats of AEngland Bridal Veil and the Evanescene logo on my thumb nails in Sinful Snow Me White. I wanted to do the Halestorm logo too but I just didn't have the right art brush to do it with :(

When we went to the post signing for Evanescence I asked the lead singer, Amy Lee, what she was wearing on her nails. She didn't know the name of the polish but said she got it from Halestorm's wardrobe/makeup stash. Whatever it was, the polish was a neon pink with either a ton of glass fleck or a sheer silver glass fleck topcoat. Either way, it was very pretty. I showed her my manicure and she thought my rendition of her logo was awesome :)

Evanescence logo for reference from

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