Sunday, August 5, 2012

Essence A Lovely Secret

Hello Ninjas!

Today was a nice relaxing Sunday that all happened to be tax free. I picked up some shoes sans tax and a couple of beauty related things. Probably my best find was the Buy 2 get 1 free on ButterLONDON polishes at Nordstrom. I was able to find the brand new Fall collection in stores so I picked up Dodgy Barnett and Trustafarian which are both holos. For my freebie, I picked up Branwen's Feather. Did anyone else find something cool this weekend?

This is an older manicure from early in the summer. A Lovely Secret from Essence is one of their new to the US colors and similar to Milani's Orchidia. This is a pretty light purple polish with pink shimmer as well as an odd sort of suspended darker purple speckle effect. I don't recall seeing the speckles in the bottle but they certainly showed up on my nails. I wonder if the darker purple was just a reaction to my top coat? Two easy coats for opacity on ALS, it was a nice early summer manicure to wear.

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  1. This almost looks like a periwinkle. I'm so in love with this color right now. Very pretty :)


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