Friday, August 24, 2012

Essence Glamorous Life

Hello Ninjas!

School season has started up around here in NC so we've seen lots of new customers at work. Between being swamped at the desk and a few unpleasant people, I wasn't sure I would get to test for my stripe in class! However, Hubby and I did go to class yesterday and we worked up a sweat earning our red stripe! Only 12 days until we're sporting solid blue!

This afternoon's manicure is a pretty fuchsia glass fleck from Essence, Glamorous  Life. This went on in two very easy coats and had a great color payout for just a .99 polish! That reminds me, Essence recently overhauled their polish line to create a new bottle shape that holds more product and add new colors. I picked up 5 of the new colors so hopefully I'll get to show them to you soon!

  Don't forget to enter my Blue Belt Giveaway! There are three prizes to be won!


  1. Congrats to both of you for earning your stripes! And the polish is pretty, too ;)

  2. Oh, this is pretty. Darn no buy!

  3. very pretty! i hope to see these in person soon.


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