Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Layering with Zoya Designer, Fleck, and Gloss

Hello Ninjas!

Tonight is graduation at the dojo so work is bound to be busy today. On the bright side, I was ready for graduation well in advance this time. Sometimes it's nice to have a calm day when you can go in to work early before the customer rush and get your tasks done without interruption. Tonight will be a small graduation for colored belts but it is the first time 23 of our new black belts will be able to sit at the front of the mat on the black belt panel. They'll be recognized as completing their black belt journey by the community of our dojo for the first time!

Today's post is a neat little layering manicure I did with Zoya Monica, Zoya Chloe, and Zoya Katherine. I didn't have a lot of time the night I needed to change my manicure so instead of removing my existing two coat manicure of Monica, I added one coat of Chloe with her orange and green flakies, then I topped it off with a coat of the pretty plum jelly Katherine.

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  1. This is a beautiful combination! I want Chloe! D:


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