Monday, February 4, 2013

butterLONDON and MASH nail art!

Good evening Ninjas,

Sorry I've been posting a little further apart. I keep getting my timelines mixed up and thinking it's only been one day when it's actually been two. I'm finally done with my antibiotics so I should be better and more consistent in the next few days!

Tonight's manicure was done over a base of butterLONDON Slapper. Slapper is described as "A truly teal nail lacquer, bold and very bright." I really loved this color all by itself, I chose it to cheer myself up after a few less than stellar days. This pop of color was a really nice accessory for more neutral outfits like those I often wear in the winter.

On top of Slapper I added triangular half moons with rhinestones from MASH. You can find the set I used at the MASH website, right here. The stones were very easy to work with and didn't catch on anything with topcoat over them. This is my first ever rhinestone heavy nail art look and I was really proud of it!

Rhinestones provided by MASH for honest review.

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