Friday, February 1, 2013

butterLONDON Shag

Good evening Ninjas!

I hope your Friday was awesome and you're ready to have a relaxing weekend. I'm working tomorrow, as usual, but one of my co-workers is having a Super Bowl party so at least I have that to look forward to!

Tonight's manicure is the one I wore for part of Trivia Weekend until I had to take it off so I'd stop chewing the polish off of my nails. This is two coats of butterLONDON Shag from their Fall 2012 collection. Now that I own this, Trustafarian, and Dodgy Barnet, I've gotten all of the polishes from that collection that I wanted! Three coats probably would have looked a little richer here but with my new shorter square nail shape, two worked out ok. ButterLONDON calls Shag, "A London Fashion Week favourite, this high-shine metallic nail lacquer is a warm orange-burgundy hue. Reminiscent of fallen Autumn leaves. Sigh. " This is a great autumn color!

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