Friday, March 8, 2013

Zoya Vespa

Good evening Ninjas!

The founders of the martial art my husband and I are taking are teaching a seminar this weekend at our dojo. This means making sure everything is perfect for the visiting Ninjutsu dignitaries and lots of people from out of town to help out!

Tonight's swatch is three coats of Zoya Vespa from their Spring PixieDust collection. Zoya describes Vespa as, "a Mint Kiss with a sugared sparkle." Which is definitely a fair description. This was a very pretty light mint green with a lot of silver glitter that helped create the PIzieDust texture. For opacity I probably needed to wait longer between coats and possibly to add a fourth coat. I definitely wouldn't give this a 5 on their opacity scale, maybe a 3. As with Godiva, I didn't let the polish fully dry before taking these pictures, sorry it looks a little off!

Vespa provided by Zoya PR for honest review.

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