Monday, January 31, 2011

Funky Fingers Elephunk, Sally Hansen Night Lights

Ok so this is my third post today but I was too excited to wait! I found these at my local CVS today so I just had to do a new color with them.

I couldn't get Seche Vite without getting Seche Base after reading the boxes... I mean c'mon Seche base is the perfect base for binding with Seche Vite lol.
 So I did another color I'd been wanting to try. I found Elephunk by Funky Fingers at our new Five Below store where the full sized bottles were 3 for $5. This is a neat medium grey color with minimal rainbow glitter throughout. Since the color that made me start collecting was Rimmel's Grey Matter, I had to add another!

This is two coats, no top coat, probably still wet!

I also found Sally Hansen's Night Lights at Five Below for $2.99 and loved it because I was in a mood for holo. Reading reviews on this polish I found out it was pretty hard to build it to opacity so I layered it over the Elephunk.

With shiney Seche vite topcoat!

Different lighting shows off the rainbow holo

The Layering actually made Night Lights match the bottle perfectly!
 So there's what I'm wearing now! One coat of Seche Base, Two coats Funky Fingers Elephunk, One coat Sally Hansen Night Lights, and One coat Seche Vite!

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  1. Take a picture of your entire collection to date, I have to see this...


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