Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cosmetic post!

Hola lovelies!

So, I was a bit busy last weekend, sorry for the tardy post. This one is a makeup post with products from Evil Shades owner and Nail Blogger Andrea! This is a neat eye I did with some of her limited edition colors from her Halloween collection as well as one of her awesome blushes. The only primer I have on is my usual concealer to even my skin out, then I did a base of the blush, Atomic on my whole eye area up to my brow. After that I used the LE Braaaaaaains on my eye lids then LE Zombiefied on my crease. This is a really neat look that was super vivid and fun to wear!

I know I have long lashes. No I don't  use anything to help them out other than mascara. They sort of suck actually, always hitting the lenses of my glasses and getting mascara on my cheeks! What do you think of my non-polish post?


  1. Love this look! Thanks for answering my question about your lashes, I didn't even have to ask it lol.
    FYI, I am passing the Liebster blog award on to you :) I realize you are over the 200, but already wrote it up and your blog is awesome anyway lol

  2. I <3 it! I wish my eyelashes were that long.

    And I still say you look like Buffy from BTVS.


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