Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Essie News!

Ok, I haven't been doing many (ANY) press releases since last spring. But, there is one set I'm super excited about! Essie's LuxEffects for winter 2011/12. This, of course, is the set that contains the mysterious and gorgeous Essie Flakie! Which, per my husband, is the only polish I'm allowed to buy during my no-buy lol. The information and pictures below are completely credited to and were found specifically at this page: Essie Luxeffects Topcoats, Essie Resort 2012, and Spring 2012

From left to right: As Gold as it Gets, Shine of the Time (FLAKIE), A Cut Above, Set in Stones, and Pure Pearlfection.

Also, their Resort 2012 collection has somewhat of a teaser picture up:

From bottom Left clockwise: She's Picture Perfect, Sure Shot, No More Film, and Pink-a-boo

Then, there is a gorgeous picture up of their Spring 2012 collection!

From top left to bottom right: Navigate Her, A Crewed Interest, To Buy or Not to Buy, Tour de Finance, Ole Caliente, and Orange, It's Obvious.


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