Saturday, April 14, 2012

AEngland St. George

Hello Ninjas!

My arms are super sore tonight, I have a feeling my polish application may suffer so I'll have to wait another day to change my polish. But, at least the reason they're sore is super awesome! I went to an archery range yesterday and spent about an hour getting accessories added to my new compound bow and getting sighted in. My dad has been a bow hunter since years before I was born and he let my husband have one of his bows last weekend. Not one to let my hubby have all the fun, I picked up a smaller compound bow for myself so we can get good at archery together! I'm very excited about the shop I found too; they not only repair and sell supplies for bows but they also offer lessons and have leagues! I hope to be proficient enough to join a league next season with my husband.

On to the polish! Today I've got one of the most sought polishes of 2012, AEngland St. George. This is a gorgeous dark teal scattered holographic from AEngland's Legend Collection. Many people said they had luck with St. Georgeas a one coater and I could see how that is but I guess my application was less than stellar so I used two. Two ended up being a great idea because I wore this mani twice as long as usual when I went out of town for Easter with no tipwear! I love how Adina's formula is always perfect, easy to manage and dries super high-gloss <3


  1. Love it! Where can one find these polishes?

  2. If you're in the US, check out Ninja Polish:

    If you're in Europe:

  3. Gorgeous polish... archery???!! That is SO awesome!! I've wanted to do that for so long!


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