Thursday, April 19, 2012

Illamasqua Viridian

Hello lovely Ninjas!

Yestderday two of my nails broke, one on each hand, so I am completely nubbinized! Fear not though, I have quite the backlog of manicures to post for your viewing pleasure. The last time my wonderful Mother in Law visited, we took a short road trip to the nearest mall said to carry Illamasqua in it's Sephora so I could oogle the lacquers. My MIL let me pick out four beautiful colors to take home and the stunning Viridian was one of those colors!

Illamasqua calls Viridian a "peacock green, metallic finish". Not the most descriptive blurb about a nail polish ever and not entirely accurate if you ask me. Viridian is definitely metallic and definitely green but I'm not sure it's vibrant enough to be called peacock. The base for the metallic green shimmer is a pretty dark black jelly so this color isn't a bright as I was hoping after seeing some of the promotional pictures. The formula was amazing though, two super easy coats that nearly applied themselves and I had to do almost zero clean up! This reminds me of a twice as expensive, slightly darker version of Ulta Envy. Do you have anything like this in your collection?

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  1. This is stunning!!! Your Mother in law is so sweet!! :D


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