Thursday, April 12, 2012

Glitters and Bubbles: Pegasus Poop

Hi Ninjas!

Ok, so I know the title of this post makes little to no sense at all but soon you'll understand! The wonderful Amanda over at Glitters and Bubbles has created an absolutely amazing Franken-Polish. This polish is a multi-chrome and a LINEAR HOLOGRAPHIC! After asking for suggestions, Ms. Amanda named her beautiful creation Pegasus Poop, probably along the lines of many of the famous polishes in the lacquer world being named after Unicorn... excretions. 

Since it is a franken, Amanda isn't going to be making this color in bulk, I'm glad to own one of the bottles from the very first batch of PP! I've heard that there will be no more than 50 bottles of this released into the wild world of polish so get yours while you can! Here is the glory of Pegasus Poop in two coats over one coat of Zoya Raven:

Sorry for the picture spam but it's super hard to catch all of the colors in this polish AND get a good picture of the linear holo without having direct sunlight.


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