Friday, October 26, 2012

This is Halloween day 26

Konbanwa Ninjas!!

This wasn't the easiest week but now it's over! As long as I stay healthy and don't pick up another cold  the next week should be great. I need to re-dye my hair red so I can be Poison Ivy for Halloween but it should be an otherwise uneventful (except for work tomorrow) weekend!

For witches, I went with the stereotypical pointed witches hat. They were freehanded with a black paint pen and silver/purple striping polish over two coats of Zoya Ziv. Ziv was an AMAZING gold polish that I almost didn't want to cover it up to do nail art on it. The star is from a glitter I got from Hot Topic a year or so ago and I thought it worked pretty well as an accent on the tip of the hat!


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