Monday, October 8, 2012

This is Halloween Day 8

Good Morning Ninjas!

Week two at work, working our way through the water curriculum for the second time. I'm getting better at the foot work but it's still not intuitive for me. Hubby loves it because it's a natural way to move for him; I'm jealous! Tango seems to be feeling better and now he smells pretty because he got a bath last night :) MiL leaves today to go back to NY, it was great having her down here, she's super fun and really sweet so it's always sad when she leaves.

Day 8 is ghosts! I did the design over a base of butter LONDON Branwen's Feather. BF is a really pretty blackened purple with silver and pink shimmer that I thought would work really well for a dark night time background. I did a freehand ghost with Sinful colors Snow me White on my index fingers and used a black striping brush to do the eyes and outline (White dots in eyes were also a striper). I then did "BOO" on my middle-pinky fingers with an orange Sinful striper I picked up this Saturday. Since I saw a bunch of spiderwebs on nails when I was looking at ghost designs, I decided to use my white striper to do a web on my thumbs. The left one came out much nicer than the right but that's to be expected!

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