Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Color Club Angel Kiss

Hello Ninjas!

I hope you're all finding this new year to be starting off well for you. Tomorrow is graduation here at work and after the big seminar we just had, it's been hectic. I've been running pretty consistently though and I'm up to 10 miles for the year so that's something.

Tonight's manicure is two coats of Color Club Angel Kiss from their Halo Hues collection. AK is a light teal/blue linear holographic polish. This is probably the easiest linear holo polish I've ever worked with, no special base or topcoat needed and no bald spots or dragging on application. My MiL bought me this along with two more of the Halo Hues collection so you can look forward to those in the coming weeks!

Light box photo, thus the different lighting.

Artificial Light
Artificial Light
Artificial Light

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  1. Love that look! I tried a different brand last month ,of a similar color, but it sure didn't look this good! I am going to have to look for this brand. I can't wait top see the other polishes you are going to post! Happy New Year!


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