Monday, January 21, 2013

Zoya Lovely Day 2

Hello Ninjas!

It's day two of Zoya Lovely week! I figured I'd go through the shimmers first so here's Gei Gei. I have to admit to being a little confused by the name since my bottle said Gie Gie instead of Gei Gei. Also, how is that name even pronounced? Is it like what you'd name a poodle, Gigi (Jee Jee) or is it meant to sound more Asian in origin Gei Gei would be pronounced Gey-Gey in Japan.

Zoya described GeiGei/ Gie Gie as, " a full-coverage, blushing cherry blossom pink metallic. A shimmery light shade for an always-appropriate natural pink nail look. Originally created as a custom runway shade for fashion designer Zang Toi." I also had to use three coats for this color. It's a very pretty soft pink with silvery shimmer and very wearable.

Product sent for consideration by Zoya PR for honest review.

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